We’re known to bring wild creative ideas to life – and even come up with them for our clients.

From events, to live art, to augmented reality, to product designs, to collaborative content through our macro-influencer level social following – we build partnership offerings around any communication objective, because we make cool stuff happen. 

Here are a few examples of our (literally) off-the-wall success stories:


Taking on the role of global creative consultants for luxury fashion house Fendi, our design for their Ring of The Future project was licensed into apparel including the brand’s best-selling t-shirt. The project was covered by media like Vogue, GQ and Dazed.

House of Zippo

In addition to the huge 17,500 square metre art piece designed by Ben Eine (that delivered global impact with over 21 million impressions on social media, 11.5 million views on our in-house made video content and 1800 pieces of global coverage) we created a limited-edition Zippo lighter that completely sold out.

We also do live events, using our murals as perfectly branded locations. 

We regularly organise musician meet-and-greets to bring out music fans. We also do many kinds of art workshops facilitated by our lead artists, including helping the public lend a hand in mural painting and designing and printing custom t-shirts on-site.