Our brilliant in-house design team has years of experience creating high-impact murals.

Here at GSA, we like to consider ourselves the full package. We are the industry's only outfit to have a fully-fledged in-house design team.

We also have a vast network of world-class artists to suit whichever art style best communicates your message.

We deliver everything you need to bring your brand to life through art.

EVA Air mural design by GSA, East London

Good relationships make good art.

We love art. We love ideas. For every project we bring a wealth of knowledge, a focused approach and a drive for insight. We’re with you every step of the way.

We have an in-house network of incredibly talented friends and associates, from up-and-coming new perspectives to old masters of the street, dedicated to making your project brilliant.

Clarks x Marcus Method, Manchester

Working with known artists can bring an easy in-built PR angle or narrative to a campaign. All of our artists are world-class, bringing in-built interest and audiences that translate to higher reach and more eyes on your project.

We're a company run by artists, for artists.


Eva Air: One stop, endless fun

Eva Air: One stop, endless fun
GSA Design

Novella: Huge Bookshelf

Novella: Huge Bookshelf
GSA Design