7 mins
Studio Sessions

The not-so-hidden talent behind hand-drawn designs for everyone from Hermès to the NHS, Jaqueline Colley shows us around her eclectic East London enclave – and gives us insight into the vintage bits and flea-market finds that keep her inspired – only on this special episode of Studio Visits.

"The limitations of silk screen are what make it so beautiful."

Inspired by mid-century design, vintage hand-drawn ads and typography, Jacqueline keeps her studio filled with a mad mix of uplifting pastel-hued ephemera, setting the tone for her playful illustrations.

"My work is definitely all about positivity and optimism. I think it comes from a place of wanting to cheer the viewer up, capture some kind of nostalgia. The minute we look back, we think things were easier or better, which is not true at all. The nostalgia elicits the response of optimism or happiness, and if you try to capture that it can lend to the feeling of happiness. I don't know if it does or not, but I think that's what I'm trying to do."

"The combination of typography and imagery – back then [in the mid-century], advertising wasn't photographs. It was hand-drawn or illustrated. All those images really inspire me."

"Hand-printing. Lithograph printing. I'm really interested in the older style myself – the vintage bits."

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