25 mins
Fine Art
Studio Visit

Dale Grimshaw's art isn't confined to canvases; it's a vibrant force that reverberates within the communities that call his murals home. His commitment to revitalising urban spaces and fostering community ownership of public areas shines in this special Studio Visit, filmed at his studio in North London.

"A lot of children like my work."

"You know, kids don't always respond to things that are 'scary' (in inverted commas) [in the way] that adults think they will."

"There are varying opinions about lead."

"I mean, obviously, people like Rembrandt and a lot of people throughout art history have famously used lead white…but because of health and safety as well…it's obviously something that's become quite an obsolete way of thinking."
"But I treated myself a while back. I bought this big cartridge of lead white made with cow manure exactly the way Rembrandt made it hundreds, you know, years ago. And it was very expensive, but it was a little treat to myself."

"What people don't realise is that [those] I paint, I want to be inspired by them; they're warriors, and they’re challenging, and they’re brave and emotional, and that inspires me."

"I sometimes play music that I listened to when I was younger, when I first got into music and started seeing punk bands"

"I play that music; I try and tap back into that youthful kind of excitement."