Celebrating 90 years as an unconventional canvas on which lighter-owners continue to showcase their creativity, Zippo wanted to show off its improved high-definition, high-colour decoration process by pairing its windproof lighters with brilliant artists.
Project Details
North London
London Mural Festival
A series of limited-edition lighters designed by artists. An immersive pop-up event at London Mural Festival including live painting, interior murals, body painting, dj sets and a light show. A huge exterior mural by a big name. And even a video. All by GSA.
We paired Zippo with celebrated artist D*Face and a high-visibility wall from our exclusive portfolio, delivering an impactful mural at a key location at the right time – the inaugural London Mural Festival.

This mural, along with designs by four other artists from our network, were then licensed through us and turned into a series of limited-edition lighters – that completely sold-out in stores.

D*Face x Zippo x London Mural Festival in North London, 2020


A Zippo windproof lighter has been an unconventional canvas for almost 90 years, a small but sturdy platform for individuals to showcase their own personal style and creative spirit. The level of detail provided by our new 540 Color decoration process enables us to display and showcase D*Face’s incredible design with as much impact as the mural itself."

Lucas Johnson, Global Senior Brand Manager for Zippo

Inside the building on which D*Face’s mural was painted, we hosted a launch party for the mural and its corresponding limited-edition lighters. In this experiential event, each room was an installation designed and painted by a different artist from our exclusive artists’ network, and included live body painting, interior murals, dj sets and a light show.

We also filmed, produced and delivered a hero video documenting the mural, the launch event and the artist collaborations. This meant that Zippo could use and keep the art and event well beyond the physical delivery, and use it as an asset online, on socials and in their portfolio.

We recommended the right artist for each part of the installation. Each room was designed and painted by a different artist: Envol Studio, Twesh, Nerone, and Perspercier.

Perspicere x Zippo x London Mural Festival in House of Zippo, 2020

Olivier Roubieu & Saki Tomita were there to facilitate live body painting during the event, too. 

Olivier Roubieu & Saki Tomita x Zippo x London Mural Festival, 2020

We helped license the artwork from 4 different artist for Zippo's to use on their limited-edition lighter release: D*Face, Pref, Marija Tiurina & Tristan Eaton. Every lighter from this series sold out.

From left to right designs by: Tristan Eaton, Pref, D*Face and Marija Tiurina