Push the boundaries of what outdoor advertising can be.

We can do much more than reproduce an image in a fixed format. Working directly with landlords lets us make bespoke executions for unique spaces.
We’ve pioneered many techniques that can give a campaign the stop-and-stare factor. Special builds, effect paints and innovative materials combined with an expert eye make for unmissable messages and mind-sticking moments.

Special Builds

Make your ad stand out, literally. Special builds amplify a creative by turning a flat wall into an immersive world of its own.

We can even create a temporary bespoke gallery with our in-house artists – a service that won awards with its debut for The Art of Shakespeare.

Ultraviolet Lighting

UV lighting combined with UV paint produces an eye-grabbing effect by taking a mural that already looks great in the day and giving it a double life at night. When everything else goes dark, you can be sure your message shines – but that’s not all. Using new techniques, we can even hide messages that can’t be seen during the day.

Projection Mapping

Combined with mural artwork, a static ad is transformed into a moving display with video projection for dynamic storytelling and visual impact at night.

Green Coat

Make your mural environmentally friendly with a clear coating that actively improves air quality. Our Green Coat contains natural minerals that harbour pollutants and react with sunlight to break them down, effectively eating pollution and purifying the air around the mural.

Floor or Grass Paint

Sometimes, what you’re looking for is right under your feet.

Murals aren't exclusive to walls – any surface can be a canvas. Floors are especially effective, allowing the size of an art piece to go extremely big while adding an interactive quality, as audiences can walk across the piece and feel like part of the art.

Augmented Reality

AR is an interactive experience that enhances the real world with computer-generated information accessible from a passerby’s mobile phone. Through the power of technology, artwork breaks out of the wall and into the world around it.

Anamorphic Designs

Heralding from the great artists of the 17th century, anamorphosis is a perspective technique that gives a distorted image until seen from the perfect angle.

In practice, this means murals that can play cool tricks making objects appear to leap from the wall or create the appearance of 3D spaces from a flat surface.

Special Materials and Textures

We can use specialist mediums to mimic surface textures like marble and granite.

We can also apply signature materials that showcase or mimic the qualities of a product, like the canvas fabric shown here that we used to highlight a sports hijab for Gymshark.