A Hackney playground mural created for the Art for Estates programme, I wanted to develop a design that would feel fun and engaging for kids and residents of the estate. Aiming to enliven the dull and unloved playground.
Jo Hicks
East London
I created the design for the mural out of hand-cut pieces of paper in a limited colour palette, forming a flowing and well balanced composition that sort to engage the viewer with playful elements woven through. 

In the painting process, I tried to keep the collage qualities, including the drop shadows and imperfections.

Using the context of the playground, I ran with a playtime theme. I decided to create the composition for the artwork out of hand-cut paper to form a collage. The shapes I cut began to make me think of the built environment of the estate and the urban landscape at large. It was here that I came up with the idea of ‘hide and seek’. I interspersed the colourful landscape with faces, legs, hands, plants, and a cat - some in full view and some peeping out. I liked the idea that the design would unfold, and you may spot something new over time.

This was a wonderful and rewarding project that received so much positive response from the residents. A child said, “It makes me like my neighbourhood more”.


Every time I look out of my bedroom window, I smile. It has really changed the vibe in the estate, bringing children back into the playground."