We had the pleasure to help paint the prize-winning design, created by local artist Baiyu Liu on 160 Blackfriars - a huge facade in Southwark, London. The mural speaks to the rich heritage of Southwark and features two sections: the left represents day, and the right represents night. At the same time, one section focuses on the diversity of the people of Southwark, and the other highlights the history and landmarks of the area.
Project Details
Maya Capital
South London
Fine Art
This highly-detailed artwork required twelve fine artists, each wielding 1.5-2 inch paint brushes. The team worked over seven days to entirely hand-paint this huge, new, permanent mural.


Baiyu’s design not only improves the appearance of the building, but also uplifts the surrounding public realm. We hope that this piece of public artwork serves as an exciting new landmark which the local community can be proud of."

David Pralong, Managing Partner, Maya Capital


I am very grateful that Global Street Art allowed me to participate in the actual painting and installation. The members and artists at Global Street Art are so supportive and friendly that it's a pleasure to work with."

Baiyu Liu, Prize-Winning Designer and Artist